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Gaming is a great activity that brings people together but some gaming communities try to keep people apart by gate-keeping who can play games. Gaming is for everybody; no matter gender, race, sexuality or how you game. Playsum is a community where “gamer” means anyone who enjoys playing games.

All the power-ups you need to get gaming

Add your game library 🎮

With a vast collection of both video and tabletop games to choose from, you can showcase all those great games you're itching to play with others! Playsum will find other people who want to play those same games.

Find gamers who play the same games you do 🚀

Build your own cozy community around the games you want to play, when you want to play.

Filters allow you to explore and build your personal gaming circle around what’s important to you.

Whether you want a battle buddy to fight some zombies, an adventuring party to go on an epic quest, or a few pals to mine some diamonds with; Playsum has you covered.

And oh yeah - It’s 100% free to search for and add gaming friends. There are no limits that require paying to search for more friends. Friendship should never be paywalled.

Make new friends that are kind and inclusive

Playsum is gate-keeping free. Our definition of a gamer is anyone that enjoys playing games - whether you’re competitive, casual, PC, console, tabletop, or mobile.

Chat it up with your friends

Chat with your friends with seamless messaging that supports reactions, gifs, replies, message editing, and link previews!

Hangout without a hassle 💬

Jump into a conversation, organize a gaming session or chat about your new favorite game. No obstacles blocking your path to play!

(This feature is still in development)

Safety by design

We believe battling trolls should be reserved for D&D. Our co-founders are online safety experts who are passionate about creating cozy communities by building innovative safety tools, proactive moderation, and community education.

Playsum Early Access Roadmap


In development



Discover gaming friends with shared games

1:1 Chat

Add games to your profile

20 game slots on your profile

5 million+ games to choose for your profile


Launch of the Playsum Games Store

Group chats

Waypoints: chat communities

Additional Discover filter options

Add Tabletop games

Subscription: support Playsum & get extra perks


Audio/video calling

Comms: Community live streams

Event scheduling

Kudos: member award system

Playsum web version

and more

Additional Features - schedule TBD

5+ languages supported

Custom avatars
Gamer tags & Social Links on Profile

Custom profile banner
More games for your proflie

audio messages

Checkout our Trello Roadmap for regular updates

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