What's the Partner Program?

We’re focused on making the gaming community more inclusive and safe. We want to form long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with creators who share our values and mission so that we can partner together to make it a reality. 

Perks of being a Playsum Partner

Earn with us by receiving 10% of net game sales you refer from your community (5% more than other game stores)

Give back to your community with discounts on the Playsum Games Store via your unique Partner discount code

Opportunities to receive free games to play on stream/video or giveaway

Be featured on our socials and do takeovers

Exclusive communication from us on updates, promotions, new games, and events

Collaborate with game developers to showcase and promote their new games

Be eligible for paid sponsorships and Playsum events.

Get care packages of Playsum merch and more

Special badge for your profiles to showcase you're a Playsum Partner

Meet some of our Partners

See more of our Playsum Partners

Our commitment


We want to be open with our Partners and members

As founders and as a company we’ll be part of the community we’re building and not just speak through press releases and scripted messages


We’ll provide support and resources to help Partners succeed, grow their community, and earn more

No matter the size of a Partner’s following or the medium they create content for - we’ll be there for them


We’re committed to spreading diversity, inclusion, and positivity in the gaming space

Our Partners and our actions will reflect this



Who can be a Playsum Partner?
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You’re eligible to be a Partner whether you’re a full-time content creator, part-time, or do it as a hobby. We’re more interested in the quality of the content and who you are as a person rather than follower count.
Do I need to have a certain following / audience size?
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No, we don't believe in selecting Partners based on how many views they get, how many followers they have, etc. Creators of all sizes can have great content and communities. We're interested in the content, and above all, if they're a kind person. Our aim is to help grow and support creators.
Are vtubers, groups, or teams allowed?
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We love the creativity of vtubers and pngtubers and would be more than happy to work with you! We also love stream teams and groups of creators getting together for a common cause.

Earnings and Tracking

How much can I earn?
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For revenue sharing from game sales, every Partner is given a 10% commission, the largest commission of any digital game store. Partners are also eligible and our first choice for sponsorships, official events, giveaways, review copies of new games, and more.
How do I track my sales?
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You’ll have access to a Partner dashboard that will give you access to information like your earnings, number of sales, what products you've sold, etc.
How do I get paid?
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You’ll automatically be paid on the 1st of every month through PayPal.

Collaboration and Support

How can I do a giveaway, charity stream, or try out a new game in collaboration with Playsum?
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If you’re working on an event then please reach out to partners@playsum.live with ideally 7 days advance notice and details about your idea. We’d love to talk it over and see what we can do! 
Do you have promotional assets?
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Yes, through your Partner dashboard you’ll have access to promotional assets. We’ll regularly add more for different events and sales to help you maximize earnings.

If you have any suggestions for assets, please reach out to us!
I received an invite to the Partner Program, is it legit?
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Our Co-CEOs will reach out to you directly from their emails katie@playsum.live or alex@playsum.live

If you don’t have an email listed for business inquires, they might contact you through social media. The following are official accounts:






Who can I reach out to for questions or help?
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You can contact partners@playsum.live or Katie and Alex’s personal emails. 

Join the Playsum Partners!

We're so happy you want to partner with us! Please fill out the below form, it's short, we promise! We'll review and get back to you within 7 days ^O^