The answers to all (we hope) your questions lie below

What is Playsum?
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Playsum is a safe and inclusive community platform and game store to find friends who play the same games you do! You can find friends, chat with your friends, build or join communities, and buy games. Our mission is to make social gaming safe and easy for everyone - we’re building an inclusive and positive platform, that is gate-keeping free!
Where can I download Playsum?
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Playsum is available in Early Access right now on iOS and Android!
Download on the App Store
Get it on Google Play
Is Playsum free to use?
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Yes! We believe access to play is important. The core features of Playsum will always be free. However, we will introduce extra perks and features that are paid and give you great value while also not restricting non-paid members' ability to find gaming buddies. This will support the development of Playsum and our mission to make social gaming safe and easy for everyone :)
What features will Playsum have?
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At launch the core features will be the game and platform library,member discovery based on shared games, 1:1 chat. We have a lot of plans for other core features and quality of life features. If you have any suggestions please feel free to drop us a message at
Is Playsum only for multiplayer gamers?
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Nope! Single player games are still more fun when you have friends to talk with them about. Even if you don’t play games with others, it’s still enjoyable to have a group of people who understand when you go on a tangent about turnip prices going down or the crew ejecting you from the ship.
What games will be available to add to my profile?
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We’ll have just about any video game you can think of and especially the most popular tabletop games at launch. We’ll be continuously adding more and taking member requests to add new ones. Don’t worry, your favorite games will be included!

On launch you'll be able to add 15, we'll be expanding the number to unlimited shortly after launch. We know us gamers have large game libraries :p
How will you keep Playsum safe?
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Our co-founders are Trust & Safety executives with nearly 20 years combined experience. We are passionate about online safety and building kind and positive communities. We’ll be incorporating innovative internal safety tools and in-app moderation features for members to tailor what they don’t want to see. Unlike platforms who let reports go into a black void, we’ll also address concerns and communicate on what’s happening with your reports.

Just some of the safety features we’ll employ:

-Age restrictions.
-Detections to prevent sexual and romantic advances.
-Educational messaging to change behavior.
-Positive reinforcement to reward positive behavior.
-And more.

We’ll be rolling out the full arsenal.
What makes someone a gamer?
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We strongly believe a gamer is anyone that likes playing video games or tabletop games. You don’t need to be skilled, you don’t need to play all the time, you don’t need to be competitive, or use certain equipment. If you enjoy playing games, you’re a gamer! Congratulations!
What countries are supported?
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Gaming is global 🌎 and so is Playsum! At first, the app will only be available in English but anyone can use it as long as they don’t mind the interface being in English. We'll be translating it to other languages soon.
Can I buy merch?
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Yes! We have our first t-shirt available in the Stream for a Cause merch store! All proceeds are donated to benefit Stream for a Cause's work with grass-roots non-profits. We'll be launching our own merch store soon! We'd love to hear your merch ideas, email us at
Playsum Pride - Gayming is for Everyone T-shirt. 100% of proceeds benefit Stream for a Cause
Who's your representative on Reddit?
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u/Lets_Playsum is our official representative.
How can I work with you?
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We like working with and supporting kind and inclusive Twitch streamers, Youtubers, artists, and indie game devs. If that sounds like you, reach out to us at 🤘