5 Games for celebrating the LGBTQ+ Community

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Now, Pride Month may be one month a year, but the content and the people are 24/7. Progress for this wonderful community is stronger than ever, but we can’t ever stop with positive development, and that progress can be shown in the increasing number of representation that we have in games!

For this article, we’ve gathered a small selection of great games that have either LGBTQ+ characters, or were written by LGBTQ+ creators. Each one is a worthy game, and there’s so many more out there to enjoy in our gaming community. Let’s start the ball rolling!

1. If Found


A beautifully designed indie game that hosts a broad selection of characters and gives us an insight into trans lives. The reason why this game’s worth a look is for its emphasis on being true to yourself, no matter what’s thrown at you. The lives you see show the good side and the troubled side of matters, as no life is wholly good or wholly bad – and it’s all about the moments we experience.

Another thing that’s great about this game is that it introduces you to the Irish language – also known as Gaelic, or Gaeilge in standard Irish. The majority of this language is spoken in Ireland, with a fair amount in Northern Ireland, and a dedicated selection of speakers in the United States as well with Irish descent. A magical story with great cultural insight.

2. Tell Me Why

Image: DONTNOD Entertainment

This one is special in that it was one of the first mainstream games to introduce a trans protagonist – which is still something that doesn’t have enough representation in media, even in this day and age. What’s more is that the game also had heavy contribution to its content by trans creators and consultants. The development of this game had so much representation and life experiences, and the effect of that is apparent in the way everything unfolds and is told to us.

The game itself explores the theme of identity, alongside others, and tries to be as true to life as possible when handling often sensitive subjects. Simply fantastic.

3. Dream Daddy

Image: Game Grumps

Okay, hear us out on this one. At the time it came out, we were all stuck in our houses in the pandemic, and a lot of us were craving something special to entertain us. One of those “special” entertainments came in the form of this dating simulator, which has a simple plot, based on the fabulous reality of a single dad who is looking for other hot, single dads in the area.

The dialogue is stupidly funny, with far too many dad jokes. There’s no shortage of dad archetypes as well, so you’ll always find someone for your lonesome yet attractive character. And, best of all – despite the oddball premise and title, the game itself is actually a thoughtful and sensitive outlook into romance, with many options and a punch beyond what you’d expect from a game about sexy dads.

4. Life is Strange: True Colors

Image: Square Enix

What an amazing game this is. Unlike the others introduced before this one, you didn’t have to wait for the next episode to come out – the game came fully loaded, with every chapter available!

You play the protagonist, Alex Chen, who has mysterious psychic empathy powers – the kind that allows for emotional manipulation, but also means that she is overly sensitive to the emotions that surround her. Each conversation can offer a potential delve into the emotional maps of the characters while you figure out why they feel the way they feel – and lead Alex to comfort the characters and lead to favorable outcomes.

The plot itself is about finding out the strange circumstances of her friend Gabe’s death, resulting in her running around as an amateur detective, assisted by her mystical powers. The game features a stunning soundtrack by Angus and Julia stone, an outstanding setting, so many choices in the dialogue, and of course, LGBTQ+ characters!

5. Hades

Image: Supergiant Games

Now this is the type of game you wouldn’t expect to find such glorious representation. It’s a popular roguelike game, full of procedural gameplay with a lot of hack-and-slash which gradually broadens out a fun and well written story – but the thing that stands out with this game is the ginormous amount of representation given to the LGBT+ community.

The protagonist alone is a bisexual icon, and we see interactions with many other characters along the spectrum. We even have aro-ace representation, which is another type of orientation that doesn’t have the showing and awareness it deserves. If you’re into roguelike games and casual representation, here’s a gem for you!

Enjoy! And if you have any recommendations as well, feel free to tweet us @Lets_Playsum!

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