Playsum Early Access - Update 0.4.0 Notes

A purple pink neon graphic with a neon cat and clouds. The Playsum logo is above large bold text that reads "New update! Version 0.3.0"
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With this release, we're thrilled to unveil the alpha of Waypoints - safe and inclusive community hubs. Alongside, we've fine-tuned navigation, fixed several bugs, and improved functionality. As we polish your experience, we're also preparing for what's next. Get ready for more exciting updates on the horizon! 🚀


  • Alpha version of Waypoints implemented.
  • Added navigation drawer, improved UX design. This is where Profile, Friends, and other account related options live now.
  • AI safety tool for toxic messages (internal use only right now)


  • Add sound to notifications. 


  • Birthday one day off on specific Android phones - accidental time-travel is a thing of the past!
  • Username can now be 3 characters long.
  • Game search bar hidden behind status bar on iPhone 12 & 13.
  • Slow update of game search item.

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