Playsum celebrates Pokémon Day 2023

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Gotta catch 'em all! Pokémon Day 2023 was on the 27th of February, and we're celebrating with an exciting giveaway! Read on to find out how you can win a physical copy of Pokémon Violet, along with some amazing unlockable prizes.

Co-founders & Co-CEOs of Playsum, Katie Boyd and Alex Boyd, circa 2011 standing in front of Reshiram
Co-founders & Co-CEOs, Katie Boyd and Alex Boyd, circa 2011

What is Pokémon Day?

First, let's talk about Pokémon Day. This annual event takes place on February 27th, which marks the anniversary of the first Pokémon games being released in Japan in 1996. Since then, Pokémon has become a global phenomenon, with millions of fans around the world, including me and my two Co-founders!

I grew up with the Pokémon franchise, I started out playing Red, Blue, and Yellow versions in Gen 1. I remember in 1st grade it was all my classmates would talk about on the playground and the games we played together always consisted of pretending to be Pokémon! My brother and I were also avid fans of the anime and have a collection of trading cards (although we never got our hands on that $50k Charizard card).

Co-founders & Co-CEOs of Playsum, Katie Boyd and Alex Boyd, at the viewing of Pokémon—Zoroark: Master of Illusions
Katie Boyd and Alex Boyd at the viewing of Pokémon—Zoroark: Master of Illusions.

One of my favorite Pokémon memories was attending the Pokémon Black and White mall tour in the US back in 2011. We watched the new movie, "Pokémon—Zoroark: Master of Illusions," in theaters several times for free!

It's bittersweet that Ash and Pikachu are being retired, as they were always my favorite characters. In fact, I even named my cat after Ash! But I'm excited to see new characters take up the reins and continue the legacy of the franchise.

Co-founders & Co-CEOs of Playsum, Katie Boyd and Alex Boyd, at the 2011 Pokémon Black & White Mall Tour
Katie Boyd and Alex Boyd at the 2011 Pokémon Mall Tour

How Playsum is Celebrating Pokémon Day

Because Pokémon means so much to Team Playsum, we want to give the opportunity to the Playsum community to experience the latest addition to the franchise! We’re giving away a physical copy of Pokémon Violet (purple, just like the Playsum colors) for Nintendo Switch to one winner.

And because gaming is more fun with friends, if the tweet for the giveaway reaches two milestones we’ll also give the winner a physical copy of Pokémon Scarlet for Nintendo Switch and a 12-month Nintendo Online Membership so they can play with their gaming friends, complete their Pokedex, and get some shinies!

You can enter the giveaway below, best of luck in catching them all! Share with your friends to ensure the milestones are reached to unlock the two other prizes 🎁🔐

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