Playsum Launches Partner Program to Empower Content Creators in the Gaming Industry

Jacksonville, Florida - March 10th, 2023 - Playsum, the safe and inclusive community and digital game storefront for gamers to find friends that play the same games they do, is excited to announce the launch of their Partner Program. The program is designed to empower content creators of all sizes and backgrounds to join in on Playsum’s mission of making social gaming safe and easy for everyone.

As a company committed to inclusivity and positivity in the gaming industry, they have hand-invited creators who share their values and actively create positive and inclusive communities. Through the Partner Program, Playsum aims to support creators in being a force for good in the gaming industry by providing them with opportunities, a platform, and an ability to increase their earnings while cultivating kind communities and speaking out against hate and discrimination.

The perks of being in the Partner Program are a 10% commission from digital game sales (the largest commission for any game store), free games and other items for giveaways, discounts off the Playsum Game Store for their communities, collaborations with game developers, eligibility for sponsorships and participation in official Playsum events, and more. The company will also be ever-evolving in how they support their Partners. 

"We are thrilled to launch the Playsum Partner Program and support a diverse range of content creators who share our passion for creating safe and inclusive gaming communities," said Playsum Co-founder and Co-CEO Alex Boyd. "No matter what size your following is, we believe that every creator has the potential to make a positive impact on the gaming industry." 

To join the Partner Program, content creators can apply through an application process. Playsum will review every application and extend invitations to creators who align with its values and mission. The program is open to creators from all backgrounds, with a focus on supporting diversity and inclusivity in the gaming industry.

"We're excited to work and grow together with our Partners as we continue on our mission to make social gaming safe and easy for everyone," said Playsum Co-founder and Co-CEO Katie Boyd

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