Playsum Joins the Fair Play Alliance to Promote Healthy and Fair Gaming Practices

Jacksonville, Florida - January 30th, 2023 - Playsum has officially joined the Fair Play Alliance, a global coalition of more than 200 gaming companies and organizations committed to promoting fair play and healthy behavior in gaming. 

Playsum's mission is to make social gaming safe and easy for everyone. Playsum's decision to join, as well as their acceptance into the FPA (Fair Play Alliance), is a commitment to that mission. The FPA’s goals align with Playsum's values, and the company is proud to be part of this incredible community of like-minded organizations and individuals.

"We are thrilled to be a part of the Fair Play Alliance," said Katie Boyd, Co-CEO of Playsum. "We believe that working together is crucial in ensuring that the gaming community is an inclusive and safe environment for everyone. We look forward to learning from other members and sharing our knowledge to help create a better gaming industry for all."

As a member of the Fair Play Alliance, Playsum will work alongside other industry leaders to promote fair play, inclusivity, and positive gaming experiences. The company is excited to be contributing to the FPA’s important work and helping to create a more enjoyable and welcoming gaming environment.

Playsum's membership in the Fair Play Alliance reinforces the company's dedication to promoting healthy and fair gaming practices. It also highlights the company's commitment to Playsum’s memberbase and the gaming community as a whole.

"We're honored to be members of the Fair Play Alliance," said Alex Boyd, Co-CEO of Playsum. "And we're eager to contribute to their important work."

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